Tax and Financial Advisor

Lisa Niser, E.A.

Effectively running the financial side of your business is the best way to ensure it is profitable.  It also is the only way you get to keep being your own boss.


In addition to preparing tax returns, I also help new business owners learn key things about taxes so when tax time rolls around, they are confident and prepared.


Even if you already have an accountant or plan to prepare your taxes yourself, you still need to learn enough to keep yourself out of trouble with the IRS, minimize your tax bill, manage your cash flow, ask good questions and make informed decisions.


“What New Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Taxes” provides all of this!


In this training, you will uncover:

- how being self-employed differs from being an employee

- the deductions & adjustments you may be eligible for

- simple ways to track your income & expenses

- how estimated taxes work & are paid


In addition, you will receive a summary sheet with expense categories, important due dates and referrals to business partners who can help you complete important tasks so your business runs smoothly.


All of this is just $97!  Plus it’s a tax-deductible business expense so it’s really only about $60 out of pocket!  You can also request a one-hour consultation to discuss your personal situation at 50% of my hourly rate when you enroll in the course..


Managing your finances on a regular basis attracts abundance and eases your stress so that you can experience financial freedom and enjoy the parts of your business you love.


Click here: to learn key business skills they didn’t teach you in school.  

​Invest in your business and yourself and finally get over your fear of taxes!